Have you ever been to the beach and wished you had a better way to carry your gear? You have chairs and food and boards…and kids!  


And trying to drag a wagon through the sand is not the answer!


But now there is a perfect solution!  Thanks to Land to Sand Easy Carts LLC, your beach life just got a lot easier!


Based in Lititz, PA, Land To Sand Easy Carts LLC is owned and operated by Shirley Kurtz.  It was Shirley’s lifelong love of the beach that led her to create Land to Sand Easy Carts LLC. Her main motive was to create a cart and wagon that ACTUALLY TRAVELS IN THE SAND to carry all the items needed for a relaxing, fun-filled day at the beach.  So she worked with her son-in-law to develop the Easy Cart and Easy Wagon!


Shirley and her family spent three years developing and testing the patent-pending Easy Cart and Easy Wagon to perfection. We are confident you will love this product! Get in touch with us today to order your own Easy Cart and Easy Wagon!